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Casting parts

Casting parts

At OBT Foundry, we adopt many alternative casting processes to cast the metals and alloys as per customer’s requirements or based on our development. Different metal and alloy is suitable to its best castings process considering the end-user’s requirements and cost effective. For example, the gray cast iron is usually suitable to be cast by sand casting process, while the stainless steel tend to be cast by lost wax investment casting.

There are many factors we should take in account when we choose the right casting methods, such as the castability of the materials, requirement of weight (Aluminium and Zinc alloys are much lighter than other alloys), mechanical properties and if any special required performance in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, damping...etc. If we choose the precision casting (usually refer to the investment casting), there will be less or no need for machining, which could save the whole manufacturing cost substantially.
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