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Custom Wax Injection Machine Casting OEM ODM

Custom Wax Injection Machine Casting OEM ODM

Custom Wax Injection Machine Casting OEM ODM
CategoriesCasting Machine
BrandOBT casting part Manufacturer
OEM & ODM ServicesAvailable
Smooth surface roughnessRa0.6-3.2
Update TimeJul 18,2024
Detail Information
1. Use clamp socket four-column structure, mold automatic smooth and easy mold disassembly;
2.Pressing and worktable is made of four water-cooled,cooling the wax mold;
3. Using touch screen control ,ensures easy operation, stable process parameters;
4.Equipment features dual-mode and the Low + secondary High pressure feeding of wax injection mode H +L injection waxes mode H + L +two H injection of wax models,Auto-mode function,automatic core functions;
5.Large coolers and shot three-layer tubes, cylinder to meet large mold production.
6.Equipment low voltage apparatus using the world brand Schneider,hydraulic system uses Taiwan,wax injection cylinder seal with the Japanese NOK seal.

A Wax Injection Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the investment casting process. Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a manufacturing technique used to create complex and intricate metal parts with a high degree of precision. The primary function of a wax injection machine is to create wax patterns, which are then used to create molds for the final metal parts. Here's an introduction to wax injection machines:

Function: A wax injection machine is designed to inject molten wax or wax materials into a mold or die to create wax patterns. These patterns are replicas of the final metal parts and are used in the investment casting process. The machine precisely injects wax into the mold, ensuring that all details of the part are accurately reproduced.

Working Principle: The working principle of a wax injection machine involves several key components. These include a wax reservoir, an injection system, a heating system to melt the wax, and a cooling system to solidify the injected wax.

  1. Wax Reservoir: The machine holds a quantity of wax material in a reservoir.
  2. Injection System: An injection nozzle or mechanism pushes the molten wax into a mold or die.
  3. Heating System: A heating element or system keeps the wax material in a molten state.
  4. Cooling System: After injection, a cooling system quickly solidifies the wax pattern within the mold.

Applications: Wax injection machines are primarily used in the investment casting industry. Investment casting is applied in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, jewelry, medical devices, and more. It is suitable for producing parts with complex geometries and high precision.


  • Precision: Wax injection machines can create highly detailed and accurate wax patterns, faithfully replicating the intended metal parts.
  • Versatility: These machines can be used to produce wax patterns for various sizes and shapes of components.
  • Efficiency: Wax patterns can be produced quickly and consistently, allowing for efficient casting processes.

Varieties: There are different types of wax injection machines, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models. The choice of machine depends on the specific requirements of the casting process, such as the complexity of the parts and the production volume.

In summary, wax injection machines are essential in the investment casting industry for creating precise and intricate wax patterns. These patterns are the first step in producing high-quality metal parts with complex shapes, making them valuable tools in various manufacturing sectors.


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