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Technical Support
Technical Support
Technical requirements for precision casting:

Method adaptation
For example, sand casting, mass production factories should create conditions to adopt advanced technology modeling and core making methods. The old-fashioned shock or pressure molding machine production line is not high enough, the workers are labor-intensive, and the noise is not suitable for mass production. For small castings, horizontal or vertical parting can be used without box high pressure molding machine production line. The production efficiency of shape molding is high and can be less; for middleware, various high-pressure molding machine production lines with boxes and air punching molding lines can be selected to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production lines. The core making method can be selected: cold core box , Hot core box, shell core and other efficient core making methods.

For large-scale castings of medium batches, the application of resin self-hardening sand modeling and core making can be considered.

For heavy castings produced in small batches, manual modeling is still an important method. Manual modeling can be flexible to meet various complex requirements, and does not require many process equipment. Water glass sand mold, VRH method water glass sand mold, organic ester water glass self-hardening sand mold, clay dry mold, resin self-hardening sand mold and cement sand mold, etc. can be applied. For heavy-duty castings produced in a single piece, the pit modeling method has low cost and is put into production. fast. The mass production or long-term production of stereotyped products adopts multi-box modeling. The split-box modeling method is more suitable. Although the mold and sand box have started with high investment, they can be compensated by saving modeling hours and improving product quality.
Low-pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are only suitable for mass production due to the expensive equipment and molds.

Accuracy requirements and costs
The casting accuracy obtained by various casting methods is different, the initial investment and error are alternated, and the final economic benefits are also different. Therefore, to do more, faster, better, and save, you can take care of all aspects. The method is used for preliminary cost forecasting, which can realize the casting method with high economic benefits and guaranteeing the requirements of castings.

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