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Custom Combustor Segment Nickel Alloy Titanium Inconel 600 625 Casting OEM ODM Support

Custom Combustor Segment Nickel Alloy Titanium Inconel 600 625 Casting OEM ODM Support

Custom Combustor Segment Nickel Alloy Titanium Inconel 600 625 Casting OEM ODM Support
CategoriesGas Turbine Wheel Parts
BrandOBT casting part Manufacturer
MaterialInconel Hastelloy Incoloy Monel
OEM & ODM ServicesAvailable
Smooth surface roughnessRa0.6-3.2
Update TimeJul 18,2024
Detail Information

The main functions and characteristics of the Combustor Segment include:

The combustor segment is a key component in gas turbines and turbines. It is located at the core of the gas turbine and is responsible for mixing and igniting fuel with air to produce a high-temperature and high-pressure gas flow, driving the turbine to rotate and ultimately generating work. The following is a detailed introduction to the combustion chamber segments:

Combustion process: The combustion chamber section is the part of the combustion chamber in the gas turbine. Its main task is to inject fuel into the high-speed incoming air flow and ignite the mixed gas. This process releases thermal energy, heating the gas to high temperature and high pressure, and then flows to the turbine section.

Materials and high temperature resistance: The combustion chamber segments need to be able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, it is usually made of high temperature resistant alloys such as Inconel, etc. These materials offer excellent high temperature stability and mechanical strength to handle extreme working conditions.

Multi-segment design: Combustion chambers are usually composed of multiple segments, each with a different task. This includes the combustion section, mixing section and cooling section. The different segments vary in design and function to ensure efficient combustion and cooling.

Combustion efficiency: The design of the combustion chamber segments directly affects combustion efficiency. It must ensure complete combustion of fuel, reduce pollutant emissions, and provide sufficient kinetic energy to drive the turbine.

Environmentally Friendly: Modern combustion chamber segments are also designed with environmental considerations in mind, striving to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.

In summary, combustor segments play a vital role in gas turbines, and their design and performance directly affect the efficiency and environmental performance of the machinery. The materials, structure and working principles of these segments are carefully designed and continuously optimized to ensure efficient combustion and a high-performance gas turbine.

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