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2003 OBT CO., LTD was established

OBT Zibo factory was established in 2003 with an area of xxxx , 200000 to 500000 tons production capacity, No. 1 largest mullite sand manufacturing plant in China.
OBT factory was established
precision casting equipment
Introduced German equipment in 2005
Use of advanced equipment and technology, 8 own calcining kilns, maximum 10% cost reduction benefit to customers

Cooperation agreement with German xxx in 2008
Cooperation agreement with Japan xxx in 2009
successful Cooperation agreement
Employee working environment
2010 OBT Qingdao company was established
Global sales network was established,OBT set sales office with local partner in Vietnam, Indonesia,Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysiaetc. and we sincerely welcome more partnets to join us and delvelop the local market. 
2012 Dongying Foundry Equipment Factory was established 
Production includes Molding machine, Shell machine, Dewaxing and wax processing equipment,Roasting and smelting machine,Post processing machine,Low temperature mold material equipment,etc. to provide our clients full production line. At the same time,we can produce products with special technical specifications.
precision casting equipment
Real Factory Shooting
The silica sol factory was established in 2016 and the Shanxi branch was established in 2018
with strong produce and technical capacity of OBT, we are able to offer one-stop purchase of precision casting products to our clients, together with our global sales network.
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