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Customized raw materials

Customized raw materials
Customized raw materials
Foundry sand is a granular refractory material used in formulating molding sand and core sand in foundry production.

The basic requirements of foundry sand are mainly high purity and cleanliness; high fire resistance and thermal stability; suitable particle shape and particle composition; not easily wetted by liquid metal; In addition, the shape and composition of the foundry sand have an impact on the fluidity, compactness, permeability, strength, and resistance to liquid metal permeability of the sand, and are important indicators of the quality of the foundry sand.

OBT Stable production Capacity up to 200000Ton to 500000Tons 10-16mesh,16-30mesh,30-60mesh,100mesh,200mesh(can be customized)
Silica sol has the advantages of good adhesion, high temperature strength, and low shrinkage. It is widely respected by precision casting companies. HS series for precision casting is divided into special HS-830 silica sol for surface layer and back layer according to different high temperature strength properties. Special HS-1430 silica sol; 

OBT has developed two varieties of TGS series for the needs of customers, TGS-25 surface layer reinforced silica sol, which can improve the surface finish and strength at high temperature, and improve the primary yield of castings. Reduce sand-clearing man-hours and cost input; TGS-30 polymer modified silica sol can greatly improve shell-making efficiency and shell mold quality stability, and is more suitable for applications on automatic shell-making production lines; it can greatly improve shell film drying speed, Reduce construction time and save costs.

TPS series polishing liquid mainly uses colloidal silicon dioxide as the abrasive, which has the advantages of uniform particles, good dispersibility, fast polishing rate, and good surface quality. It can meet the industrial requirements for ultra-precision machining of various material surfaces.

OBT has a special process with independent intellectual property rights, which is divided into large particle size series, neutral series, acid series, and ammonia series products. By controlling the purity of raw materials, high-purity silica sol products are finally obtained. We can provide the most professional products according to your application and parameter requirements.
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