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Several characteristics of wax injection machine

Several characteristics of wax injection machine

May 23,2020
The wax injection machine is widely used. In addition to industrial needs, it is also related to its corresponding characteristics. Today I will introduce you to several characteristics of the wax injection machine.

(1) The machine consists of the body of wax injection machine, electrical, hydraulic, temperature control, wax injection, cooling system;

(2) The worktable is fixed horizontally, the height direction is easy to adjust, and the wax injection nozzle has little impact on the mold;

(3) The wax injection device adopts push-position replacement type, the wax injection pressure can be adjusted, and the operation is convenient; after the wax material of the wax pressing cylinder is processed by the heat insulation and static process for 10-12 hours, it is very helpful to ensure the quality of the wax mold;

(4) Water cooling structure or cooler is installed on the workbench, pressure plate and hydraulic oil tank, which not only guarantees the stability of the process parameters of the wax mold forming and improves the production efficiency, but also maintains the oil temperature within the normal application range and ensures the hydraulic pressure. The system works continuously and stably for a long time;

(5) The temperature control system is a closed loop automatic control system to adapt to the application of various parameters of medium temperature molding materials;

(6) The process time of wax pressing, wax injection, mold withdrawal and mold lifting can be adjusted and set through time to adapt to the production of various sizes of molds;

(7) The machine is equipped with a counting function, which can record the number of production pieces on the shift or unit time, which is conducive to production management;

(8) Select high-quality hydraulic and electrical accessories at home and abroad, and organize production according to enterprise standards, so that the machine has the advantages of structure, reasonable layout, convenient installation and operation, reliable performance, high degree of automation, and high production efficiency.
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