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Dewaxing kettle operation notes summary

Dewaxing kettle operation notes summary

May 3,2020
Dewaxing kettle operation notes summary
1. The operator must carefully read the instruction manual of the electric dewaxing kettle, and master the structure, use, technical parameters, electrical, transmission system and equipment use and maintenance knowledge of the electric dewaxing kettle before being allowed to operate the equipment.

2. Before dewaxing starts in each shift, please preheat the cold kettle according to the operation requirements. The preheating sequence is as follows:

a. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on;

b. Close the kettle door, and the indicator light will be on.

c. Close the drain valve, sewage valve, wax valve, drain port and steam exhaust port.

3. Open the water inlet valve (the valve set by the user to control the water source entering the water pump) and the valve between the water outlet of the water pump and the steam generator. Hit "manual, automatic" to: "automatic" position to replenish water.

4. Check whether the set pressure, temperature and time meet the working requirements, and can be adjusted when there are discrepancies with the requirements.

5. Pressure adjustment: Turn the D and A needles to move. The index of the A (red) needle is the set number. Adjust clockwise to increase the set pressure and vice versa.

6. Adjust the temperature value as a temperature regulator, just press the "+" or "-" on the table to adjust to the set value.

7. Adjust the dewaxing time, as the time regulator, press the "+" and "-" on the surface to increase or decrease the time.

8 After the water replenishment is completed, turn on the "heating switch", the heating indicator lights, and heating starts.

9. When the pressure reaches 0.2 Mpa, pull the "inlet steam handle" to the "on" position to inject steam into the dewaxing kettle.

10. When the pressure reaches the set pressure value (such as 0.7Mpa), move the "inlet steam switch" handle to the "off" position and the "exhaust steam switch" handle to the "on" position to discharge steam from the kettle.

11. When the pressure display is zero, preheating is complete.

12. Open the kettle door, put in the shell that needs to be dewaxed, and close the kettle door.

13. Move the "inlet switch" handle to "on" to inject steam into the kettle. When the dewaxing time is up to the alarm, close the inlet valve first, then open the exhaust valve to exhaust steam. If drainage is required, the wax discharge operation can be suspended when the pressure in the kettle drops to 0.03MPa, and the drain valve 13 and the wax discharge valve are opened

14. After meeting the requirements, close the valves, open the exhaust valve, and continue to exhaust until the pressure in Table 9 is 0, open the kettle door, and repeat the above operations afterwards.

15. Before stopping work, the kettle must be drained of water and wax, the kettle door must be closed, the power switch of the control panel should be turned off and the power switch should be cut off.

16. The safety valve pressure has been adjusted, users generally do not want to change. To change, the maximum pressure value should not be higher than 0.8 Mpa.

17. After the dewaxing is finished every day, the drain valve should be opened to remove the dirt in the steam drum to reduce the scale in the steam drum. Before the blowdown valve is opened, the steam drum must be at zero pressure, and people with high temperature steam should be careful.

18. When steam leaks from the kettle door seal, it should be replaced in time to prevent accidents.

19. Frequently clean the contents on the filter on the kettle.
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