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China Custom Vacuum Casting Brass Copper Castings OEM ODM Support

China Custom Vacuum Casting Brass Copper Castings OEM ODM Support

China Custom Vacuum Casting Brass Copper Castings OEM ODM Support
CategoriesStainless Steel and Copper Products
BrandOBT casting part Manufacturer
MaterialBrass Copper
OEM & ODM ServicesAvailable
Smooth surface roughnessRa0.6-3.2
Update TimeMay 28,2024
Detail Information

Vacuum casting is a special casting process used to produce brass and copper castings. The following is an introduction to vacuum cast brass and copper castings:

1. Process Overview: Vacuum casting is a precision casting method used to manufacture complex brass and copper parts. The process involves heating the metal to a liquid state and then passing it through a vacuum system to remove gases and impurities to ensure the high quality of the casting.

2. Material selection: Vacuum casting is commonly used for the production of brass (including different types of copper alloys). These alloys offer excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a variety of applications such as electrical components, pipes, valves and decorative parts.

3. High precision: Vacuum casting provides higher precision and surface quality. Since there are almost no bubbles and impurities in vacuum casting, castings with beautiful appearance and no defects can be produced.

4. Complex geometries: Because the metal in its liquid state can fully fill the space in the mold, vacuum casting is suitable for producing parts with complex geometries. This makes it ideal for producing precision parts.

5. No pressure required: Unlike other casting methods (such as die casting), vacuum casting does not require additional pressure, which helps reduce the risk of material deformation.

6. Smooth surface: The surface of the casting produced by vacuum casting is very smooth and usually does not require additional surface treatment.

7. Application fields: Brass and copper castings are widely used in various fields, including electronics, electrical, aerospace, ships, automobiles, construction and decoration, etc. For example, electronic connectors, pipes and valves, gears and bearings, etc. can all use vacuum cast brass and copper castings.

In summary, vacuum casting brass and copper castings is a highly precise and versatile manufacturing method that meets a variety of industrial and commercial needs, especially for parts requiring complex geometries and high-quality surfaces.

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